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Ten best books for teaching Emotions

As a teacher who specializes in atypical learners I spend a lot of time teaching about emotions, but I honestly believe this is a skill set that every child would benefit from learning! That's why I have collected this list of what I feel are the ten best books for teaching children about their emotions. Keep reading to see the very best books (or book series) on the market for teaching kids their emotions!

Number 10 -- "The Feelings Book" by Todd Parr

A great one for our Pre-schoolers, this book builds emotional vocabulary words like Silly, angry, sad and scared and associates them with an action that kids can understand. The illustrations are bright and colorful and catch the interest of young readers while the words are simple enough for them to understand. This book is a wonderful start to any emotions library for young kids who are just learning how to name their emotions and can be found on Amazon.

Number 9 --- "Ninja life Hacks" by Mary Nhin

This set of books deals with a bunch of emotions and life skills in a humorous way that kids adore (I mean who doesn't love ninja's!) This set includes eight books that talk about real life struggles like dealing with answer, being positive, feeling grumpy and even being productive. The books can also be bought separately if your interested in just one title but you can pick up the set HERE.

Number 8 -- "My Strong Mind" by Neils Van Hove

This story is more about mental strength than just emotions but it teaches kids how to develop their mental strength so they can overcome the things they face daily. Having a strong mind is integral to emotional wellbeing and this book talks about the things kids can do to face the challenges they face daily. Including a parent guide this book does a wonderful job of helping kids face their fears and bounce back. Find it for Kindle or in print HERE.

Number 7 -- "Breathing is my Superpower" by Alicia Ortego

This book teaches kids how to take deep breaths to regulate their breathing. One of the stables of learning how to find their "calm body!" This book also walks them through how to do "lazy 8" breathing (also sometimes called infinite breathing) where they trace an 8 and breath. The descriptions of how breathing helps them calm down are very useful and the book does a great job of describing how to take deep breaths. Get it HERE

Number 6 -- "My Body Sends a Signal" by Natalia Maguire

Written by a mom and manager of an educational play center this book walks kids through the feelings in their body to help them name their emotions. It is very good for building emotional vocabulary, although will need some adult support for young learners, and contains bonus material and scenarios where kids can practice using their feeling words. It's available on Kindle Unlimited and also in print HERE.

Number 5 -- "Peaceful Like a Panda" by Kira Willey

While not technically a book about Emotions, this book when combined with a book about emotions is a mainstay in a great kit on how to manage emotions. The adorable animals guide children though mindfulness exercises which can really help them be calm and learn to assess what they are feeling. There are 30 in this book and in case that isn't enough the author has other books as well. The book comes in both kindle and print formats and is available HERE

Number 4 -- "The Color Monster" by Anna Llenas

The Color Monster is an amusing story about a monster whose emotions are all mixed up! In the story you need to help them put their emotions into the right places. This is a great story if you have a little one struggling with how to identify what emotion they are feeling. Combined with a feelings chart this book is a really good addition to any emotions learning. It's available on Kindle and in Print HERE.

Number 3 -- "A little Spot of Anger" by Diane Alber

Not only is this book really good at describing emotions but it's also very handy at telling children when they need to control their emotions and how to do it. There is a guide in the book to help them calm down their anger and also the book makes sure to tell children that anger isn't a bad emotion. The pictures are simple but very effective and the book is suitable for older children as well. This book, and the other books in the series, are available to read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited as well, which makes it an excellent choice for people wanting to save shelf space!

Number 2 -- "When I'm Feeling Scared" by Trace Moroney

This book, which is one of a series written by Trace Moroney, does an amazing job of teaching kids what their emotions feel like. If fact it's so effective even adults can learn something from them! Add that to the fact they have really adorable illustrations and you have a winner every time. Best part is the hardcovers are under 10 each! You can pick these up HERE.

Number 1 -- "Glad Monster, Sad Monster" by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda

Glad Monster Sad Monster not only breaks down emotions and talks about them in ways that young children can understand it also comes with masks that parents and children can use to play "monster" and act out emotions. The book discusses things that make you feel each of the emotions described and does a great job of picking a few emotions that we rarely talk about with young children like "loving" and "worry." This fully deserves a spot in the top ten and is really just hours and hours of fun. You can pick it up for under 20 CND from Amazon.

Have other books in your library that you like? I would love to hear about your favorites in the comments below!



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